Yashar Ali Hedayat: International Man of Mystery or Just Another Mentally Defective Political Con Artist?

A pederast neocon/neolib degenerate and potential sex offender who was Gavin Newsom’s most important deputy and shadow handler directed by Dear Leader Hillary Clinton who he shamelessly worships in spite of claiming to be a Roman Catholic. This is the type of mentally defective loyalist who would jump off the Empire State Building if Hillary Clinton asked him to as a joke. If Gavin Newsom wins, Yashar Ali will be brought in as shadow handler by Hillary Clinton to keep Newsom under strict control and DNC party discipline.


Who is Yashar Ali Hedayat? Up until recently, most of us had no idea. As with so many shady pundits and talking heads that become instant media darlings and their opinions thrust upon the masses left and right, he seemingly popped up out of nowhere in the wake of the recent Hollywood sexual harassment and rape scandals. Anyone who has been keeping up with this sordid and convoluted mess over the past couple of months would be hard pressed to have not encountered the name “Yashar Ali” at least a few times, if not many more. From Buzzfeed to The New York Times, this character “Yashar Ali” has been promoted as a muckraking journalist out to expose corruption and deceit, so much so that he lives in fear of his own life and that of his family, prompting him to use only his first and middle names, “Yashar Ali,” omitting his surname, “Hedayat.”

The mass media love this kind of character, someone exotic enough to promote, quite literally, as an international man of mystery, and ever since Julian Assange became Public Enemy No. 1 and was betrayed by these very outlets that profited massively from WikiLeaks and its continuing disclosures, they’ve been searching for a replacement. Yashar Ali seems to fit the bill, albeit too perfectly. It is not without irony that Yashar Ali has used his pulpit to zealously demonize and harass Assange any chance he gets, and not only are his neoliberal media sponsors loving every minute of it, but many so-called “independent” and “progressive” outlets like Alternet have jumped on the Yashar Ali bandwagon, cheering him on without even bothering to research his past and uncover who this man really is, what he’s all about and how the hell he even became a political heavyweight in the Hillary Clinton mafia that turned the Democratic Party into her personality cult which literally handed Donald Trump the presidency by destroying their own party through the vicious and relentless attacks against progressive critics and opponents like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

If you’re willing to take the red pill and see who this man is without the mass media filters, read on.

Yashar Ali Hedayat is not a journalist nor does he have any background in journalism, professional, freelance, amateur or otherwise. He is a neoliberal political con artist and profiteer who sees himself as the Democratic equivalent to Republican neoconservative players like Karl Rove and John Bolton. Before his recent rebirth as a “journalist,” Yashar was consistently — and more accurately — presented as a political consultant and commentator, an example of which is below:

Yashar Ali is a Los Angeles-based political consultant and commentator. In 2009, he joined the gubernatorial campaign of former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom as traveling chief of staff; he then served as Newsom’s deputy chief of staff in his mayoral office. He served as campaign manager of Newsom’s successful campaign for lieutenant governor of California — a race in which Newsom bested his opponent by an 11-point margin. At the age of 26, he joined the Hillary Clinton for President campaign as a national co-chair in 2007 — the youngest co-chair in the campaign. In 2006, Yashar served as finance chair to then California State Controller Steve Westly’s campaign for Governor. He also served as National LGBT chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) under Senator Chuck Schumer.

[Source: The New Agenda // http://archive.is/zrcdb#selection-1153.0-1153.810]

In a 2009 San Francisco Chronical article, it is revealed that Yashar was one of several “rising stars” who, in spite of their lack of experience and formal education, were given key posts in Gavin Newsom’s mayoral administration, along with very lucrative salaries and even more lucrative fringe benefits. Having been a key member of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign staff since 2007, Yashar was able to easily con his way up the ladder with ease, experiencing only a temporary setback after Barack Obama defeated Clinton during the 2008 primaries. That the victorious Obama campaign went out of its way not to hire, let alone offer Yashar any position in the 2008 race against McCain, in spite of Chicago being his home base, speaks volumes about Yashar’s lack of character and reputation as a political hack who had conned his way into the hopelessly corrupt Clinton faction of the Democratic Party. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden placed great emphasis on recruiting educated professionals who had sufficient experience, and who did not get to where they were through con artistry like Yashar, for which they had zero tolerance.

It also speaks volumes about Gavin Newsom and his subservience and loyalty to the Hillary Clinton gang that he would not only include Yashar as a key member of his campaign staff, but would actually hire him as his deputy chief-of-staff! This blatant lack of judgment on Newsom’s part and his slavish willingness to engage in the worst kind of nepotism and oligarchy should dissuade any rational California voter from supporting his bid for the governorship.

Like any aspiring international man of mystery, Yashar presents himself as an exotic outsider, coming from a wealthy family of Iranian origin, which has allowed him to donate large sums of money to Democratic candidates and causes. His pathetic and cynical use and abuse of blatant Orientalist stereotypes aside, his claims of being independently wealthy thanks to the generosity of his parents is an outright lie and demonstrably false given the massive debts he has incurred to Ariadne Getty (born 1962), the billionaire granddaughter of American tycoon and philanthropist J. Paul Getty, which have apparently left him unable to even pay his rent and basic living expenses.

The more one looks into the background and history of Yashar Ali Hedayat, as well as those of certain other figures in the Hillary Clinton mafia, it becomes abundantly clear why they hate Julian Assange with a passion and desperately blame him and WikiLeaks for their humiliating loss, to say nothing of their hilariously stupid Cold War-style histrionics about alleged Russian complicity and interference in the 2016 elections. Yashar Ali Hedayat is what is wrong with the Democratic Party and why even a party stalwart like Joe Biden quietly chose to avoid the 2016 circus in spite of the long tradition of two-term vice presidents running for the presidency at the end of their terms. Biden knew all too well how the Hillary Clinton mafia screwed over Al Gore and covertly helped George W. Bush take the presidency, a dangerous pattern that has continued to the present and why Donald Trump is today the President of the United States of America.

Yashar Ali and his sycophants in mass media can lie to themselves and to the public all they want, but they’re going to discover just how tough a red pill reality is to swallow, as the documents below so painfully reveal.

Download the PDF file ”Ariadne.

Download the PDF file ”Ariadne.

Download the PDF file Ariadne Getty vs Yashar Ali Hedayat #3.

Download the PDF file Ariadne Getty vs Yashar Ali Hedayat #4.

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .

3 comments to “Yashar Ali Hedayat: International Man of Mystery or Just Another Mentally Defective Political Con Artist?”
3 comments to “Yashar Ali Hedayat: International Man of Mystery or Just Another Mentally Defective Political Con Artist?”
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