WSWS: ‘US Democratic senators demand eviction of Julian Assange from Ecuador’s London embassy’

“Who plays with Fire burns…” [German Democratic Republic propaganda poster circa 1980s]

by Aryan Susangard @DailyAryan [with copyediting by Lexander Magazine Editorial Staff] // 28 June 2018

The above anti-American propaganda poster from 1980s-era East Germany, an obvious jab at the escalation of the Cold War Arms Race by the neoconservative US administration of Ronald Reagan, ironically says much more about the bizarre behavior of US politicians and their insanely ludicrous and bloodthirsty schemes for supreme global domination which always invariably backfire and end burning not only themselves, but far worse, the lives and livelihoods of their own citizens, soldiers and taxpayers.

Let’s take a look at what just recently happened with the so-called “Democratic Party” in relation to the ongoing crisis of journalist and publisher Julian Assange, kept under virtual but multi-state-sanctioned house arrest in a tiny “studio apartment” in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, that supposedly world capital of blissful hedonism, human dignity, civil rights and freedom of expression. People that I have spoken with who have been inside the room have described it as a glorified closet.

There is nothing civil or dignified about what is happening in London and all across the cities of the world where the low-income and working class people, who form the overwhelming majority of this planet’s population, are being systemically priced out of their neighborhoods, subject to lowered wages yet higher rates of taxation, losing their employment and pensons, all the while being compelled and coerced to encourage their sons and daughters to fight and die in foreign wars for foreign interests.

And for what? “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” When did such an ideal become the basis for justifying the mass slaughter, extermination and holocaust of entire peoples and nations?

There is no freedom. There is no democracy. There is no safety. There is no equality. There is only a massively pervasive and covert global surveillance regime organized by the various great powers of the world, both friend and foe. Behind closed doors, all states have one singular and paramount enemy: the people who actually have to work objectively real and productive jobs for a living. In other words, the people who actually produce, not a bunch of freeloading financial parasites and political rats who spew verbal vitriol to sustain their sick, degenerate multimillion-dollar lifestyles while billions starve across the world without access to proper food and running water.

This is not a “race thing” or a “gender thing.” This has nothing to do with identity politics or who is being more oppressed and terrorized than everyone else. Unless you are a made member of the 0.01% of the global oligarchy, you are nothing but wage slaves and chattel.

James Cogan of the World Socialist Web Site has just penned an article which illustrates the nature of our reality as “regular people” and how shamelessly and blatantly Orwellian the self-proclaimed “leftists and progressives” of the US Democratic Party have prostituted themselves for hard cold cash and power. They’re not even bothering to hide it anymore as these tactics are intended as a “noisy investigation” to distract from the fact that the Democrats and Republicans are now virtually indistinguishable as the neoconservative/neoliberal Democratic Party leadership (controlled by the Clinton family since 1992) have been fully and fanatically supporting US President Donald Trump in every single foreign intervention as well as his decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem:

Ten Democratic Party senators have issued a reprehensible call for the Trump administration to demand that the Ecuadorian government renege on the political asylum it provided WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange six years ago and evict him from its London embassy. He would then be detained by British police, while US agencies filed extradition warrants.

The letter of the senators was addressed to Vice President Mike Pence, ahead of his visit to Ecuador today and top-level talks with the small country’s president, Lenín Moreno. The signatories are a roll-call of leading congressional Democrats: Robert Menendez, Dick Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Edward J. Markey, Michael Bennet, Christopher Coons, Joe Manchin, Jeanne Shaheen, Diane Feinstein and Mark Warner.

The document exudes deceit, and the hatred of the American ruling class for Assange, a journalist who has exposed the criminality of US imperialism and the real goings-on within its corridors of power, including within the Democratic Party.

The letter declares that the Democratic senators are “extremely concerned” that Ecuador still provides asylum to Assange. It states they are “alarmed” that the read-out of Pence’s visit to Ecuador did not mention the WikiLeaks editor.

The letter declares: “[I]t is imperative that you raise US concerns with President Moreno about Ecuador’s continued support for Mr. Assange at a time when WikiLeaks continues its efforts to undermine democratic processes globally.”


Yeah, that’s some real nice democracy and human rights going on there. However, for Assange this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it provably demonstrates the illegal backdoor politicking between the global powers, led by the P5+1 plus Israel and Saudi Arabia.

But what is most incredulous and surreal is the fact that it is an ideologically-oriented news organization devoted to the Trotsky school of Marxism that has been one of the most consistently and reliably sane supporters of Julian Assange and the campaign to end his virtual imprisonment. The fact of Assange’s unusual form of incarceration led our late founder V Lexander to refer to the whole situation as a stage play entitled The Accidental Prisoner.

But what the WSWS and many other Assange supporters do not talk about much is this precise issue: that Julian Assange is an “accidental prisoner” because he was never supposed to be in prison in the first place. He was supposed to be dead.

As our previous article on Assange from January predicted weeks in advance of Ecuador’s cutting off his access to the outside world, going so far as to not only cut his Internet access but to prohibit all visitations in the flesh. Not even the combined wealth of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could buy or bribe their way into the embassy to have a few pints with the man and throw some darts and shoot the shit about the Kardashians. They’re just a couple politicians who have been bought and paid for by the 0.01% from the very beginning.

Before most outlets, even the self-proclaimed “progressive” ones, we called BS on all the claims against Donald Trump being some kind of dictator and demagogue in league with those evil Russians and that a Trump victory would lead to some radical transformation of American politics and society. I even wrote about this and other related issues while still living and working in Iran in an opinion piece for the “ultraconservative” Kayhan International that wasn’t approved for publication, but which fortunately ended up being published here on the Lex magazine website.

Like the Obama presidency, the Trump presidency is simply more of the same, regurgitated and recycled this way and that but always leading to the same end result: the American taxpayer getting royally screwed over by a bunch of sexually degenerate and disgusting bureaucrats, most of whom have never worked an actual job other than royally screwing over other people. These people are all mentally defective psychopaths cut from the same bloody cloth.

Here is the TL;DR version of things illustrating this point:

Donald Trump began as a protest candidate out of extreme hatred for President Barack Obama and his disastrous Keynesian economic policies, while not only continuing the neoconservative and neoliberal warmongering agenda of the Bush presidency, but even allowing it to worsen and expand to apocalyptic proportions by orders of magnitude under direction by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who aspires to tbe the Supreme Leader of the “Free World.” The presidency itself would never satisfy this hideous babykilling creature posing as a human being.

Everyone hates Hillary Clinton. Anyone who claims to sincerely and genuinely “like” this human personification of the creature from the black lagoon is either a lying liar or a perpetually constipated mental defective.

Donald Trump won the presidency over Hillary fairly and squarely because except for the lying liars and constipated mental defectives, everyone hates Hillary. The Electoral College made no mistakes here and there is not a shred of concrete evidence that the Russians or any other foreign regime covertly rigged the elections as part of a vast Eurasian conspiracy.

There is no conspiracy here. There is, however, no shortage of stupidity and its going to get worse and probably won’t get much better after the 2020 “elections.” Again, there is no actual “democracy.” It doesn’t exist anywhere. If Hillary had won, Iran, the country of my birth and my ancestral homeland would by now have long since been ravaged and savaged by the US and its pro-ISIL terrorist proxies (MKO, PJAK, and the various Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorists of the Baloch insurgency in Eastern Iran.)

The only conspiracy here is that which has been waged by the 0.01% since the dawning of the human race against those they felt were beneath them. Politics, in whatever society you observe, no matter how advanced or primitive, is the art of diplomacy, deception and destruction. There is no true or lasting peace, equality, freedom or balanced rule of law under any political system. We can debate ad nauseam whether or not this is all due to human nature and whatnot, but there is no denying this fundamental reality. It is just the way things are.

This is why Julian Assange continues to be the most dangerous man in the world and why the global oligarchs cannot have this man arrested and prosecuted in what would effectively be a kangaroo court. They want him dead, but murdering him risks turning him into an even greater martyr than he has already become in the eyes of many.

It is also why blaming Ecuador is pointless, as it isn’t their fault. As a tiny Latin American country enduring decades-long drug wars and insurrections they cannot afford to exert any reasonable level of sovereignty. It wasn’t even Ecuador’s idea for Assange to be granted asylum there, as Correa and his government were literally ordered by all the members of the P5+1 (in addition to Israel and Saudi Arabia) to grant such asylum, not unlike the deal quietly struck between Obama and Putin while Edward Snowden was en route from Hong Kong to Moscow.

The great powers are left with only two choices when it comes to Assange: keeping him under some form of indefinite disappearance detention under extreme supermax conditions at a black site of some sort, similar to that in the action film Escape Plan.

The other option is to keep him where he is, damage his dietary intake and access to physical exercise, subjecting him to even more stringent restrictions and limitations as part of an aggressive  campaign to destroy his physical health and mental sanity in the hope that he dies of “natural causes” or goes completely insane and commits suicide.

Can anyone actually sincerely claim that they find any of this surprising or even unexpected? This has been part and parcel of Anglo-American foreign policy since the days when the British Empire and its insidious but highly successful imperialist policy of “divide conquer.”

Whatever one may think of Donald Trump, Barack Obama or Joe Biden, none of these men are warmongers. Due to the stranglehold of the Clinton mafia family over the DNC leadership, Obama and Biden were forced to make thousands of concessions to them, including, and most importantly, appointing Hillary to the post of Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton directed war policy under the Obama administration and the moment Obama and Biden moved away from this policy after her departure, the Democratic and Republican oligarchs mounted a nonstop campaign of harassment and intimidation tactics against White House officials and staff, most notoriously in the shameless and disgusting bullying of Chuck Hagel by neoconservative psychopaths led by John McCain.

Donald Trump is not the source of any problems facing our society and world today. Like his predecessors and all other politicians, he is the symptom of a much larger and expansive syndrome that began when humans first began to crawl out of their caves to face the wilderness in the darkness of night, braving the feat due to their recent discovery of fire.

People like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are the solutions to this ancient problem because they sincerely hold two very radical notions: transparency and open society.

That is what makes them the most dangerous people in the world. It’s all about the information.

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