Veteran Hollywood screenwriter and playwright Gay Walch asks about Hollywood and Rape Denialism: “Who gets to be the guardian of objective reality?”

Veteran Broadway playwright and Hollywood screenwriter Gay Walch.

by Lexander Magazine Editors // 25 June 2018

In a brilliant and enlightening op-ed published in the Baltimore Sun on 19 November 2017, the ever talented and veteran Hollywood screenwriter and playwright Gay Walch addresses one of the most common, yet rarely addressed issues regarding rape and sexual assault today: that relatives and friends of sex crime victims often deny that the incident ever even occurred.

She begins the op-ed quoting Nigerian-born novelist, and MacArthur grant recipient, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

The people who know me and love me believe me when I tell them about the racism I’ve experienced. But those same people who know me and love me, do not believe me when I tell them about the sexism I’ve experienced.

In response, Walch poses the following questions and an incident with her own father:

This is a startling comment that raises the question: Why? Why isn’t she believed when the issue is sexism? Why isn’t she a credible witness to her own experience? Why the resistance?

I’ve found similar disbelief among “those who know and love me.” My father was a devoted family man — responsible, constant, a good provider. He was raised, along with his brothers, by a working mother, and he supported my mother’s desire to work. He treated my sister and me no differently than he treated my brothers.

Yet he didn’t believe me when I told him about my experience being harassed by strange men.

The sheer horror of such an experience cannot be overstated. The problem here is not ideological nor that of something genetically, biologically or psychologically defective in men or the so-called “patriarchy” so beloved of androphobic feminists in academia.

The problem is social and global, not limited to any one society, nation, religion or even civilization.

The substance of the problem is actually very simple and can be very concisely defined: the pathological and consistently irrational denial of rape as well as the denial of the existence of rape epidemics, the principal victims of which are overwhelmingly women and minor children.

The solution, however, is far from simple and given human history and our current genocidal wars against poor and oppressed peoples across the world, in countries such as Syria, Yemen, Palestine and elsewhere, there may never be a final or permanent solution.

War, rape and genocide. This is the reality of the hell 99.9% of the global population endures through every single day and somehow survives the neverending torrents of brutality and bloodshed. The United States, Canada and our European allies, most especially our so-called genocidal and apartheid regime “allies” Israel and Saudi Arabia, are responsible for the overwhelmingly majority of such genocides and mass rape atrocities against women and minor children.

Faux apologies and mea culpas from our political and celebrity “friends” have long since become stale and obsolete. It’s time for America to wake up and for all right-thinking people to force perpetrators of rape and sexual terror to answer for their brutal crimes and pay for them every single day of their miserable lives.

Justice is possible in this world, but not if we ignore the disgusting reality of rape denialism, a crisis that has only gotten even worse and more systemically and politically abusive since Gay Walch wrote her op-ed last November.

Remember folks, we’re supposed to be living in the Western world in the final years of the second decade of the 21st century. If rape epidemics and rape denialism are as bad and as extreme here in America and Europe, imagine how much worse and more extreme they are everywhere else.


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