Trumping the Muslim Ban in Iran: Reality versus Rhetoric

by Aryan Susangard / 2 February 2017

[Editor’s note: This is an opinion piece by a political editor of an English-language daily in Iran, which was not approved for publication due to the fragile nature of current attempts at low-level diplomacy between the American and Iranian governments. It has been submitted to us and is being published here in full without any revisions, alterations, commentary or conclusions on our part as an interesting counterpoint from the other side.]

Barely two weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency, the political circus in the United States drowns itself in the furore over what has become widely known as a “Muslim ban” targeting seven Muslim-majority nations. However, in Iran the situation on the streets and in the political backchannels of the country’s Byzantine government is quite different. There is a general consensus among the many political factions that the ban is not exactly “Muslim” in scope and orientation, but rather a geopolitical maneuver by Trump intended to distract the American public by appearing to fulfill one of his major campaign promises to impose a moratorium on Muslim travel and immigration to the United States.

In reality, the Trump administration would never have been able to institute such a wide scale ban. The US government has always been incapable of keeping its own borders secure enough to limit or halt the massive influx of undocumented migrants entering from Mexico and Central America. Is anyone naive enough to believe that the Trump administration will be more competent than previous regimes in this matter? By focusing immigration and refugee issues on Muslims, Trump is able to distort the reality of the situation in order to deflect attention from his promises regarding illegal entry into the US by migrant workers from Mexico and Central America, and gives his team time to figure out how on earth to fund the construction of the Great Wall along the US-Mexico border. Any genuine attempt to construct this wall will require a more isolationist approach on the part of the US and a significant scaling down of its military presence across the globe. Given the anti-Iran, anti-Syria, and anti-Shia rhetoric being spewed forth by Michael Flynn, who has long harbored an extreme hatred of Iran and the Shia, as well as that of other administration officials, it is unlikely that Trump will be able to fulfill this goal. In terms of foreign policy, very little has changed since the Bush and Obama administrations, the principal distinguishing factor being that Trump and his team are simply more blatant and forthright about their views and ambitions.

There is then also the issue surrounding the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels and in particular, the Daesh anti-Assad terrorist propaganda front called “The White Helmets” who have become the darlings of American neoliberals like George Clooney and Grant Heslov, who are certainly guilty of treason against the American people and nation for supporting these murderous and cannibalistic barbarians. To quote Major General Qasim Soleimani of the Revolutionary Guards, “The White Helmets are Daesh terrorists. If you support the White Helmets, you are without a doubt supporting Daesh and their wars of genocide.” In spite of abundant evidence demonstrating the terrorism of the White Helmets and their indiscriminate murder of the Shia, Christians, Druze and other minorities of Syria, Clooney and other establishment figures who present themselves as “progressives” are intent on financially backing them and other terrorists linked to Daesh, which include al-Qaeda and al-Nusra, both of which constitute the overwhelmingly majority of the so-called “moderate” rebels.

Given this reality, it is not surprising that Trump would take action to prevent entry into the US anyone even remotely linked to Daesh. Clooney, Heslov and company have worked very hard since the beginning of the Syrian conflict to bring these terrorists to America, a move that was shamelessly backed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who herself was the chief architect of the Salafist (Wahhabi) uprisings and rebellions in Libya, Syria, Egypt and Yemen. To their credit, both Joe Biden and John Kerry opposed Clinton’s warmongering agenda and their own party’s blind allegiance to her. One of the greatest laments shared by many Iranians is that Joe Biden did not run for the presidency. A common view is that Biden, like John Kerry and Al Gore before him, would have had his candidacy sabotaged by the Clinton faction, who have dominated the Democratic Party since the 1990s.

To be certain, “The White Helmets” and other Daesh terrorist fronts masquerading as humanitarian rescue and relief, were they to be allowed entry into the US, would constitute the most dangerous fifth column to ever establish itself on American soil. While Trump has claimed that he would make exemptions for Christians, Daesh have successfully masqueraded as Christians many times before, a tactic which was used to secure many of their rapid victories during the first phase of their rebellion against the secular nationalist Syrian President Assad. It would be almost impossible to realistically expect to be able to vet refugee applicants for any connection to terrorism. Daesh are bloodthirsty barbarians on the scale of the Mongol and Turkic hordes of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, but like these genocidal conquerors of ages past, they are not stupid and they should never be underestimated.

If Daesh veterans somehow find a way to establish themselves in the US, they will spread like wildfire across America like the rats that brought the Black Plague to Europe from Mongolia in the Middle Ages. The scale of bloodshed and the sheer brutality that Daesh will import into the US would be unprecedented and it would never stop until the last one of them has been killed.

All of this has been consistently and thoroughly confirmed by sources in Iranian military intelligence, who have been rebuffed time and time again by the US intelligence community. Both Iran and the Afghan Northern Alliance led by Ahmad Shah Massoud continually warned the Clinton and Bush administrations of the al-Qaeda plot to attack America on 9/11, and both administrations refused to listen, even when advised by their own CIA analysts that the intel being gathered in Afghanistan by Iran and the Northern Alliance was accurate and that al-Qaeda posed an imminent threat to the American homeland. These warnings were provided by Iran and Ahmad Shah Massoud as early as 1997 when Bin Laden moved his base of operations to Afghanistan from Sudan, and yet they were not taken seriously or even acknowledged as a clear and present danger by US State Department officials.

Eight Iranian diplomats were murdered by the Taliban in 1998 out of revenge for their support of the Northern Alliance and the extensive monitoring and surveillance of Taliban and al-Qaeda communications by elite units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to assassinate him, Ahmad Shah Massoud was ultimately murdered by Taliban agents some weeks after the attacks of 9/11. None of these brave and courageous men have ever been acknowledged by the US for their efforts in trying to save the American people from Wahhabi terrorism. Instead of thanks, the US has repeatedly attempted to link Iran with 9/11 and claim that it was Iran, and not Saudi Arabia or al-Qaeda, that masterminded the disgusting violence of 9/11.

That brings us full circle in this analysis of Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” and his anti-Iran rhetoric, and the warmongering agenda of his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who has been fanning the flames for war against Iran since he first joined the Obama administration.

The Iranian reaction must be understood within the context of the decades-long culture war between the neoliberal reformists, who are currently represented by President Hassan Rouhani, and the nationalist coalition of conservatives, traditionalists and religious hardliners. This nationalist coalition was first established by Ahmadinejad as part of a wider effort by his administration to secularize the Iranian government and eliminate the theocratic institutions, effectively ending the participation in politics by the Shia clergy. While his efforts did not succeed, the Revolutionary Guards did successfully supplant the theocratic institutions of the Iranian government, which has significantly reduced the power and influence of the Shia clerics who dominate the Judiciary and Assembly of Experts, who had long sought to keep the Guards out of the political sphere and force them into submission to the theocracy.

The Syrian and Yemeni conflicts, as well as the Wahhabi pogroms against the Shia majority in Bahrain, have only made clear the fact that the Revolutionary Guards are the only force able and willing to zealously protect and defend the existence of the Shia and other religious minorities of the region from the insatiable bloodlust and genocidal ambitions of the Wahhabi cults of death led by Saudi Arabia and its satellite regimes of the Persian Gulf. Neither the US, Europe or even Russia stepped in to help the Syrian military protect the wholesale massacre of Alawites (a Shia denomination) and Christians by al-Qaeda and Daesh under the guise of the “Free Syrian Army” until after Iran sent boots on the ground to take up arms against these barbarians.

The recent actions of the Trump administration, like those of previous administrations going back to Jimmy Carter, who deliberately undermined and sabotaged the Imperial State of Iran and helped orchestrate the overthrow of the late Shah, have only highlighted to the Iranian people that the US will never be a reliable partner or ally to Iran. Just as Carter attacked and humiliated the Shah of Iran, the most powerful Shia leader in the world prior to the ascendancy of Imam Khomeini, while on the other hand financing and empowering the sick and sexually deviant Wahhabi monarchs of Saudi Arabia and its satellites, the current administration will continue to share the same bed with the Wahhabi regimes and demonize the Shia and most especially the noble Iranian and Persian civilizations.

Almost all of the refugees that have been leaving Iran in recent decades are those from the non-indigenous and non-Iranian-speaking ethnic and racial minorities, who hate and despise Iran and its rich and civilized Persian culture. They are not wanted in Iran, and contrary to Western propaganda, the Iranian government has never stood in their way or prevented them from leaving as refugees to the West. The position of the Iranian government, especially since the presidency of Hashemi Rafsanjani in the early 1990s, has been to encourage those who idolize and worship the hedonism and decadence of the West to leave, so that the resurrection of Iranian nationalism and populism may continue unhindered by undesirables and other dregs of society. At this point in history, given how economically and technologically advanced Iran has become, with a stable middle-class and achieving respect as a First World powerhouse that makes Greece, Turkey and other failing economies of Europe appear Third World in comparison, any person leaving Iran as a “refugee” is likely doing so because they are criminals or terrorists of foreign origin who were residing in Iran as undocumented migrants on their way to their final destinations: Western Europe and the United States.

Trump and Flynn may not be aware of it, but while Iranian political leaders publicly condemn their attempts to bully and intimidate Iran, in private they are laughing. What is quietly acknowledged away from the foreign press, is that Trump has given Iran a gift: the moral and ethical high ground. Europe, Russia and China will all receive billions upon billions of Iranian consumer spending, with not a single penny ever going into the pockets of American corporations and businesses.

With tens of thousands of Europeans having already moved to Iran over the past year to pursue business, cultural and educational opportunities, most Iranians are optimistic about the future and couldn’t care less about the US-Israel-Saudi axis as long as they refrain from attacking Iran and undermining Iranian sovereignty and leadership in the region. America can have all the Wahhabi terrorists from Saudi Arabia and its allies it wants. The Saudis spend billions promoting their brand of Islam in the US, building Wahhabi mosques throughout America with tacit American approval and grants from American taxpayers.

The love affair American politicians and elites have with their Saudi, Emirati and Qatari friends will only lead to the inevitable submission by force of the American people to the new Wahhabi overlords. That is a vision of the future that makes “Nineteen-Eighty-Four” appear like a utopia in comparison. It is a future every American should be terrified of.

We Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese, Russians, Greeks, Serbs, Armenians and other fraternal peoples of the East don’t want that future and we certainly don’t want any Wahhabis in our backyard anymore. So, President Trump, please do us all a favor and take all the Wahhabis away from our region and straight into your own homeland.

You can have them all, every last one of those bloodthirsty, child-raping, Christ-hating cannibals.

One comment to “Trumping the Muslim Ban in Iran: Reality versus Rhetoric”
One comment to “Trumping the Muslim Ban in Iran: Reality versus Rhetoric”
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