The Most Insidious Myths of Hollywood: On the virtues of being a “struggling and starving” actor, or the lack thereof


Actors in New York and Hollywood are a dime a dozen. In Los Angeles, sometimes it seems like everyone and their uncle wants to be an actor. Of the thousands upon thousands of people who flock to Hollywood every year to try to establish such a career in television and/or film, less than one percent have any real chance of making it. Most neither have the patience nor the persistence to strive and survive the many obstacles and absurdities of an admittedly corrupt and perverse industry.

Of all the myriad lies and untruths that are propagated to the young and the naive is that of the myth of the “struggling and starving” actor who must take whatever role(s) they can get without prejudice nor discrimination. We witness this all the time with Hollywood newcomers and novices so hopelessly and pathetically desperate to appear in anything, no matter what it is, that they ruin any possible chance at a viable career by appearing in such pornographically extreme and violent productions as The Human Centipede and other such Z-grade obscenities that are guaranteed career-killers.

Our use of the term “pornographic” in the above context does not refer to sexual pornography in the popular sense, but rather those productions that involve a toxic mixture of sexual depravity and violence (so-called “torture porn” and contemporary post-1990s “body horror”) that no person of sound mind or spirit would be caught dead watching.

In a very real sense, this is the fundamental aspect of how the world operates, through Darwinian cultural stratification that condemns those who make abysmally stupid decisions to a lifetime of mediocrity and dead ends, and generously rewards those who maintain a moral compass and are willing to be patient and give their careers time to grow and develop. There is not a single actor at the A-list level who desperately prostituted themselves to “star” in such visual garbage as the aforementioned Centipede. As far as we’re concerned, anyone with any sort of association with such reprehensible, repugnant sewage waste is permanently tainted and stained with a mark that can never be washed off no matter how hard they try to purify their image and attempt to break into the mainstream. An actor who lacks the ability to discriminate carefully in choosing roles and is willing to take any gig, no matter how evil or sick, is nothing more than an irredeemable prostitute.

There is no reward for desperation and there certainly is no ethical shortcut to stardom, no matter how many times a person will attempt to delude themselves. There is fine line between art and pornography. There is simply no logical or rational way of comparing the current Z-grade torture porn and body horror obscenities to B-grade and exploitation films of yesteryear such as Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, or even any of David Cronenberg’s films, including the notorious pseudo-adaptation of Naked Lunch.

The true character of a civilization may be deduced by examining the lives and the activities of its citizens. Judging by the continued decline in values and mores, it is not far off the mark to state that countries such as Cuba and Iran that the so-called Western “democracies” continue to terrorize through sanctions and embargoes suffer none of the extreme problems that have become the norm in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and parts of Europe, such as serial killers, school massacres and other such mass murder sprees, rapidly increasingly rates of sexual violence and depravity, and overall decline into sadistic barbarism of the horrifying variety exhibited in films such as The Road and The Hunger Games.

American and European societies have increasingly become obsessed with the bizarre phenomenon of serial killers—the more depraved and brutal the killers, the more of a cult following such subhumans receive. This has recently been evidenced in the 2000s and 2010s through such television shows as The Following and Hannibal, both of which feature gore and violence at a level that would have been unthinkable for network television in previous decades, even the nineties. From Canada to Australia, torture porn has become a big business in the increasingly degenerate independent scene, with ultraviolent movies like American Mary (a Canadian film having no ties to the US or Hollywood despite its title), The Loved Ones, and other such repugnant works of trash cinema that make classic exploitation films appear as tame as Disney children’s films, achieving almost instant cult status.

Certainly, the West has long since lost its way and the cancer is spreading across the world. Watching movies from prior eras, from Hitchcock’s classic works to the films of Humphrey Bogart and Charlton Heston, all make it appear that our current era is some sort of nightmare concocted by a Lovecraftian architect of cosmic nihilism.

The downward spiral into oblivion can be reversed, but it all begins with Hollywood and imposing enough pressure upon the film and television industries to clean up their act and restore some semblance of a moral compass.

Lexander Editorial Staff

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