Taking the Red Pill: History will vindicate Julian Assange as the most important journalist of our times

[Photo credit: Espen Moe]

We have been covering the absurd political insanity and mass media smear campaigns against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for several years now and we are one of less than a handful of independent outlets that have consistently supported and advocated for the unconditional release of Julian Assange and the absolute and unequivocal guarantee of his personal safety and ability to live freely as a global citizen and journalist of conscience by the members of United Nations Security Council, all of which have consistently used every undemocratic closed-door tactic to ensure Assange’s indefinite incarceration in the Ecuador Embassy in London, which from the beginning has functioned as a de facto SuperMax-style prison cell. As we’ve related before in previous articles, anyone who has visited Assange’s “apartment” can attest to the draconian and claustrophobic nature of his dwellings. Since the administration of Lenin Moreno, Assange’s accommodations have become even more claustrophobic and dystopian, with the ultimate aim of either forcing him toward capitulation and surrender to the fascistic British authorities, or driving him toward insanity and/or suicide.

The fact that Julian Assange has endured all these years of imposed suffocation and social isolation while keeping his mental and physical discipline intact and unwavering in his commitment to social justice and political and military transparency and accountability across the globe is a testament to the strength of his character and his work as a journalist and publisher of raw data and intelligence revealing the true nature of the global surveillance regime and the ideological fallacies and contradictions of every single government.

The work of Julian Assange and his allies have, for the first time in recorded history, revealed in full documented detail the fact that not only has democracy never existed in any form in any country anywhere, but that contrary to the political and mass media status quo, all governments of the world — including so-called “rogue” regimes and “opponents” of the West — as well as every single multinational entity are complicit in establishing a Byzantine oligarchy against the citizens of all nations, most especially the working class of advanced economies (who are all effectively forced into a lifetime of hopeless wage slavery) and slave laborers of “developing” states.

In short, the work of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has revealed the truth that the global oligarchy practices a form of public spectacle similar to the conceit of “kayfabe” used in professional wrestling. In public, they are enemies and trade threats and belligerent and jingoistic rhetoric against each other. In private, they are all drinking themselves into drunken frenzies, engaging in every sort of perversion and acts of debauchery (as was evidenced in the scandal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a thoroughly disgusting and repugnant monster of the French oligarchy), and playing poker with the lives of the citizens of their respective “nations.”

WikiLeaks has helped to unravel and untangle all the lies that sustain the mythology of nationalism and the legitimacy of “nation-states,” all of which participate as part of a global system of hegemonic competition and territorial pissings, which often escalate into all-out military conflicts and global wars. In the end, it isn’t the oligarchs who suffer, but the rank-and-file citizens of all societies and nations, none of whom have any net worth or value in the eyes of their “elected” representatives and “democratic” politicians.

There is no democracy. There is no freedom. There is only the perception of such and the perception is an illusion built upon a house of cards, and thanks to the tireless and thankless efforts of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and allied whistleblowers, the global house of cards — what George H. W. Bush came to refer to as the “New World Order” — is collapsing and the citizens of the world are increasingly waking up to the reality of their enslavement and servitude to the psychopath oligarchs controlling their governments.

Governments and politicians are supposed to serve the people, not the other way around. Without people like Julian Assange and organizations like WikiLeaks, transparency and the tearing down of all the illusions would never be possible.

It is imperative that all freethinking and freedom-loving citizens of the world come together to force the global oligarchy to stand down and allow Julian Assange his freedom and to grant all citizens of all nations their inalienable right to freedom of information, the right to gainful employment, the right of access to functionally stable and effective universal health care, and the right to fair and affordable housing.

If all the billionaire oligarchs were to stop their insane and irrational hoarding of their wealth — which is mostly based and backed by fiat and the wage enslavement of workers as opposed to precious metals and natural resources — and spread the wealth directly to the people through starting enterprises and creating jobs, we would witness the end of poverty, famine and war within the next few decades.

And this is precisely why the global oligarchy is terrified of Julian Assange and truth in general: without the ability to enslave all the billions of people on this planet into lives of endless wage slavery and in certain societies, out-and-out slavery and economic and racial apartheid, they cannot sustain their degenerate houses of cards built upon the blood and tears of countless laborers and soldiers.

No journalist and publisher in the history of the world has come as close to revealing the full extent of the nature of our “reality” as Julian Assange and he has done so without the partisanship and ideological biases of media — both status quo mass media and so-called “alternative” media — and taking the unprecedented step in providing raw, transparent facts — not interpretations or editorialized revisionism — directly to the masses.

Mark our words, history will come to regard him as the single most important journalist and whistleblower of our era.


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