Al Burke: Swedish prosecutor suspends judicial abuse of Assange

by Al Burke, Nordic News Network / 19 May 2017

After nearly seven years of judicial abuse, Swedish prosecutor suspends pursuit of Julian Assange

Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny announced today that she has, for the time being, closed the investigation of Julian Assange which she gratuitously launched in the autumn of 2010. As far as Swedish authorities are concerned, Assange is thereby free to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he was granted asylum in the summer of 2012 and has remained ever since.

But that freedom is merely theoretical, since U.K. authorities — which have kept Assange under siege in the embassy for the past five years — have dismissed the Swedish prosecutor’s decision as irrelevant and have announced their intention to arrest him the moment he leaves. In that case, it is generally assumed that he will be handed over to the U.S. government, which has promised to punish him severely for the crime of committing journalism (which of course will be called something else for the purposes of persecution).

An analysis of today’s decision by the Swedish prosecutor and its implications will be published by Nordic News Network after the dust has settled and the likely consequences become apparent. In the meantime, the articles linked below may be of some use and interest.

Important: Most news coverage refers to the suspected crime for which Assange was being investigated as “rape”. However, the crime in question is not regarded as rape anywhere else in the world but in Sweden — and not even there, in fact. This peculiarly Swedish state of affairs — which has resulted in Assange being indelibly stained with the stigma of “rape” for life — is explained in “Murdering Language in the Name of the Law” at

For a comprehensive account of the Assange vs. Sweden affair, see

Articles in English concerning today’s decision

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På svenska

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