Pink Steam: Artists Respond to Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy

Artists respond to Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy
July 1- August 17th
Eureka Valley/ Harvey Milk Memorial Branch Library
3555 16th St. (near Market)

Opening reception and Reading (by Kevin and Dodie)
July 13th at 6:30pm (reading at 7 sharp)

Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian have been quietly contributing to the cutting edge of contemporary literature with their ever playful cross-genres: horror tales, essays, letters, academic novels, plays, poetry. Like (pink) steam, they defy concrete definition, always slipping between categories and form carrying, inter alia, the hefty content of candid sexuality and all-out gutsy expository brain, heart, and (cyber)sex issues/hemorrhaging/functioning/writing. They elegantly juggle conglomerate monsters of pop-culture, class mentalities, the art world and mishmash it onto the plane of the written page.

PINK STEAM is a colorful group show of photography, painting, video and sculpture/ installation all directly or indirectly related to the writings of Kevin and Dodie. Curated (with ample amounts of help from K&D) by Colter Jacobsen.

We are in search of the scent of new florescent pinks.

Participants include:

Raymond Pettibon, GB Jones, Nayland Blake, Will Yackulic, Phoebe Gloeckner, Donal Mosher, Jo Jackson, Anne Collier, Scott Hewicker, Cliff Hengst, Amy Rathbone, David Larsen, Sheree Rose, Robert Gutierrez, Meredith Taluson, Colter Jacobsen, Caitlen Mitchell-Dayton, Amanda Eicher, Simon Evans, Danny Nicoletta, Eden Crawford, Allison Olly, Nathan Burazer, Rankin and Kylie Minogue

Short description of a selection of the works:

Phoebe Gloeckner, 1997 drawing from DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL, pencil

Raymond Pettibon, one of six drawings with text from Dodie Bellamy’s
REAL. Noteworthy because Pettibon has never illustrated anyone’s
work before.

Will Yackulic, watercolor drawing of a can of TAB.

GB Jones, “Subversive Literature #4: Two sixteen-year-old girls
reading books seized at Canadian customs,” 1995. (Among the books
are one by Dodie and one by KK.)

Sheree Rose, 1989 portrait of Kevin and Dodie in autograph store,
Hollywood Boulevard

Nayland Blake, 1993 multiple, Kevin and Dodie posed in child’s
nursery with crib.

A portrait of Kevin and Dodie by Daniel Nicoletta (silverprint).

Jo Jackson, “Moral Sweetness,” A new tripped out video with Jo’s bright and mesmerizing iconography.

Anne Collier, Aura portrait phototgraphs of Kevin and Dodie. As seen in the portraits show “Likeness,” at CCA

Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton, Portrait of Scott Hewicker in drag for Kevin’s play, “Wet Paint,” acrylic painting. This piece was shown in the first Bay Area Now show at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Colter Jacobsen, “Dark Passage,” color grids chronicling every color mentioned in Kevin’s book “The Argento Series,” and Dodie’s new book “Pink Steam.”

Donal Mosher/ Simon Evans- The writing of Mr. Mosher in collaboration with images from Simon Evan’s sketchbook. Rumors of ghosts and colonialism.



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