The Lexander Magazine welcomes a wide variety of unsolicited material for publication, from articles, essays, reviews, art, music, fiction, and whatever else connects with our focus on art, culture, and future trends. We have no hard-and-fast rules or guidelines, and we review all submissions based on their merit. Requests for reviews of art and art exhibitions, films, stage plays (dramas only), books (both fiction and non-fiction), and music may also be made by their respective authors or agents.

A cover letter and a summary explanation of the material are required, along with any information you deem to be necessary.

Electronic submissions via email are currently the only way to submit articles or requests for articles. In general, please allow several days for electronic submissions to be reviewed and fact-checked. For long form articles, please allow at least two to four weeks, as we are a nonprofit publication that produces no revenue, does not allow for any kind of advertising and does not currently accept donations from anyone or any entity. We are subsidized entirely by the Lexander Organisation.

Email: [email protected] (please include Attn: Submissions in the subject header)