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Lexander has a long and proud tradition of zealously promoting human rights and the art of conflict resolution around the world through partnerships, fundraising, grants and cooperatives, striving to adhere to the original spirit of human rights as set forth by the Ancient Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great, who issued the world’s first charter of human rights.

Any organization that is active in addressing and raising awareness of fundamental human rights concerns are welcome to communicate with us and share proposals for specific campaigns and programs.

Please note that we strive to adhere to as neutral a position as possible, allowing our collective staff and writers to share through the diversity of dialogue and debate. We do not involve ourselves in electoral politics nor the promotion of specific political parties or candidates

Our primary focus has generally been in the study and application of resolutions in the areas of poverty, famine, terrorism, dissidence, prison conditions, migrant slavery, religious persecution and gender issues.


One of our principal efforts in our advocacy of human rights has revolved around the ever worsening violations & crimes against humanity under the feudal Salafi Arab emirates of the Persian Gulf. For those who aren’t familiar with Salafism, it is the brand of Islam practiced & advocated by the Taliban & Al-Qaeda terrorist networks.

It is important for people to understand that these genocidal Safalist regimes are state-sponsors of terror & have enabled the mass slaughter & butchery of countless Muslims—both Shi’a & Sunni—as well as Christians, Kurds, Yezidi, Turkmen & many other ethnic groups of the region.

Even worse, the ruling Salafist families of these murderous regimes engage in all manner of sexual perversions & crimes, from violent, state-sanctioned rape of women, men & children, forced prostitution of women & children in secret brothels, and other such evil behavior that in any civil society would not be tolerated. Yet the United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany grant the bloodthirsty rulers of these regimes carte blanche to do whatever they want due to their spending tens of billions of dollars & pounds on high-value (blue chip) Western art, billions more each year on arms, aircraft & naval purchases, as well as another few billion for the hiring of private armies consisting mostly of Mexican & Columbian soldiers of international drug cartels. If you already thought these terrorist-sponsoring tyrants were bad, they are infinitely worse than anyone could possibly imagine.

We strive to keep our business dealings clean & free of the blood money that flows out of the terrorist-sponsoring feudal Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf. Likewise, we refuse to do business with any artist, gallery or museum that has financial or trade connections to such regimes, and we encourage you not to patronize these establishments either.

Among the artists & institutions that help enable the Salafi barbarism, migrant slavery & terrorist atrocities of the Persian Gulf region are:

  • Guggenheim Foundation, New York
  • Louvre, Paris
  • Tate Museums, London
  • British Council, London
  • Damien Hirst, artist
  • Larry Gagosian, art dealer
  • Charles Saatchi, art collector


November 2013 

Wall Street Journal: Labor and Culture Collide in the Gulf

The Guardian: Art world protest over ‘mistreatment’ of migrants at Abu Dhabi cultural hub

October 2013
Artinfo: Gulf Labor launches year-long campaign
Gallerist NY: Artists launch 52-weeks campaign to protest labor conditions

September 2013
Dawn: Worker rights issues pose a challenge to Gulf building boom

January 2013
ArtInfo: Gulflabor Responds to Choice of ArabTec for Louvre Abu Dhabi
Art Newspaper: Walid Raad says PwC report “frankly surprising” in its transparency
Monocle (UK) Radio: Naeem Mohaiemen on Abu Dhabi
WBAI Asia Pacific Forum Radio: Samer Muscati (HRW)/Naeem Mohaiemen (GL)

November 2012

ArtInfo: Artist-Activists Spot “Shortcomings” in GAD Labor Report
Art Agenda: Tea with Nefertiti
Pankaj Mishra: Shiny Tinderboxes

April 2012
The National: TDIC restarts contract bids for Abu Dhabi’s Louvre

March 2012
Washington Post: Human Rights Watch urges protection for workers building Abu Dhabi’s Louvre 
NYT: Report Cites Continued Problems for Workers at Abu Dhabi Cultural Site
HRW: Abu Dhabi still needs to do more on workers’ rights
CNN: Rights group: More needs to be done for laborers’ rights in
UPDATE 1-Worker rights still an issue at UAE museum island -HRW
New Human Rights Watch Report Claims “Abuses Are Continuing” for Workers at..
TDIC describes HRW report as inaccurate
UAE: Saadiyat Workers Better Protected but Gaps Remain
UAE progress on worker rights, but more needed
TDIC pleased with Human Rights Watch report but disputes methodology
Group calls for protection for UAE museum workers
Saadiyat Island labour conditions improving – HRW

June 2011

Walid Raad: Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Must Be Built On Foundation of Workers’ Rights

Aljazeera: Artists Urge Guggenheim Boycott

Construction Week (Oct 2011): Guggenheim Abu Dhabi boycott ‘still in place’
Construction Week (June 2011): Guggenheim Abu Dhabi boycott remains in place

The Nation: The Price of Art
LA Times: Monster Mash: Guggenheim responds to threatened Abu Dhabi boycott
The Guardian: Art Dubai and the Sharjah Biennial: talking about a revolution
World Architecture News: Guggenheim bites back
D Magazine: Cheer Up Dallas: At Least You’re Not Abu Dhabi
Building Design: Artists may boycott Gehry’s Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Artists boycott is jeopardizing museum, Guggenheim says
WNYC: Artists Boycott Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Over Migrant Workers’ Rights
WNYC: Guggenheim Says Artists’ Boycott Jeopardizes Abu Dhabi Project
Chronicle of Philanthropy: Artists Protest Over Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi Artists’ Boycott Brings Attention to Labor Issues
Justmeans: Island of Unhappiness: Artists Stand Up for Workers’ Rights in Abu Dhabi

CNN Expansion: Guggenheim, ¿maltrato a albañiles? 135 artistas firman una carta de boicot contra el Guggenheim de Abu Dhabi
El Mundo: Esclavos del Guggenheim
ABC: Boicotean el Guggenheim de Abu Dhabi por maltrato a los obreros
ABC: Artistas amenazan con boicotear el Guggenheim de Abu Dhabi
El Mercurio Digital: Artistas boicotean el Guggenheim de Abu Dhabi en protesta contra la explotación
de los trabajadores inmigrantes

Batiactu: Le musée Guggenheim d’Abu Dhabi menacé de boycott
Les nouvelles news : Abu Dhabi, des musées et des migrants
Le blog des sorties culturelles: SOYONS SERIEUX – Le Louvre d’Abou Dabi sortira-t-il indemne des polémiques?
WNNmedia: Émirats arabes unis: Plus de 130 artistes ont annoncé un boycott du musée Guggenheim d’Abou Dhabi Le musee du Guggenheim d’Abu Dhabi menace de boycott par les artistes

Middle East
Top News Arab Emirates: Artists threaten boycott of Guggenheim in UAE
Gulf News: Address the Real Problems (Letter to the Editor) March 16-18, 2011

New York Times: Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Faces Protest
Wall Street Journal: Abu Dhabi’s Guggenheim In Artists Boycott Over Labor Conditions
Associated Press: HRW: Artists threaten boycott of Guggenheim in UAE
***AP Story picked up by Forbes, ABC News, CBS News, Kansas City Star, Washington Examiner, Boston Herald, among many, many others***
Bloomberg: Artists to Boycott Abu Dhabi’s Guggenheim Museum Over Laborers’ Rights
Reuters: Artists boycott Guggenheim Abu Dhabi in labor row
World Architecture News: Artists protest Guggenheim Museum Abu Dhabi due to poor labour conditions
The Media Line: Artists Protest Labor Exploitation at Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Artists vow boycott of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi
Construction Week Online: Artists in Abu Dhabi Guggenheim boycott
Zawya: Abu Dhabi’s Guggenheim In Artists Boycott Over Labor Conditions
Art in America Magazine: Artists, Curators Boycott Guggenheim’s Human Rights Violations
Arts Journal: Guggenheim Abu Dhabi: Human Rights Watch Criticizes Workers’ Rights Agreement
Construction Week Online: Human Rights Watch back Guggenheim boycott
Artinfo: Facing Criticism, Guggenheim Vows to Protect Laborers on Their Abu Dhabi Museum
The Media Line: Artists Protest Labor Exploitation at Abu Dhabi Guggenheim
CNN Arabic: Angry Artists Boycott “Guggenheim Abu Dhabi” Museum
M&H News: Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Museum to be boycotted?
Art Newspaper: Artists boycott Guggenheim Abu Dhabi project Nicht um jeden Preis
Le Monde: ABOU DHABI – Des artistes boycottent le Guggenheim Le musée Guggenheim d’Abu Dhabi menacé de boycott par les artistes‎
Les Infos: Le Guggenheim d’Abou Dhabi face à la contestation‎

Middle East

WAM: TDIC response to Human Rights Watch announcement regarding workers’ welfare on Saadiyat Island
The National: Developer invites artists to inspect worker conditions on Saadiyat
Gulf News: ‘Island of Happiness’ to guarantee lots of smiles for UAE residents
Khaleej Times: TDIC vows to protect rights of workers
Elaph: Artists Announce Their Boycott of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi (Arabic)

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