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Email is absolutely the best way to contact us [[email protected]] but in those rare situations where someone may not have proper or secure email access, we may be reached at 310.461.8545.

Unsolicited postal items and packages will not be accepted. All legal correspondence should be forwarded to The Lexander Organization, Attn: Lexander Magazine, 1350 Avenue of the Americas FL 3, New York, New York 10019, USA.

One comment to “Contact Us”
One comment to “Contact Us”
  1. Yes, Mozilla should be boycotted.. But there is much more to that topic as it seemed!

    Take a look to this blog of an anonymous staying Mozilla employee who fears otherwise to be expelled from the organization.

    That guy mentions the ceo incident, the ads stuff, and he is writing in a believable way. According to this guy It is the total influence of Third party organizations which seem to have a massive amount of control over Mozillas developement and decision process.

    Goes for the ceo firing, ads and the new UI which they are planning.

    Very interesting read and the word about this should be spread further!

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