The Lexander Magazine is an independent publication of the Lexander Contemporary Art + Design art galleries and design showrooms founded by V Lexander (of the ancient Lexander family of Norway and Central Germany.) We are a not-for-profit publication funded solely by his global corporations The Lexander CompanyThe Lexander Organization — we produce no actual revenue or income, nor do we accept or solicit advertising as we are prohibited by our parent firm from doing so as the magazine is intended to remain permanently ad and subscription-free. We are currently evaluating various ways of producing income in order to increase our budget and staff independently of our subsidies without resorting to advertising or requiring paid subscriptions.

Originating as an electronic art zine focused on the underground German and Scandinavian demoscenes, digital art and MOD music movements of the late eighties and early nineties, Lexander is today returning to its roots as an independent, freethinking alternative to the existing art and culture media, while expanding its focus to offering an educated, highly informed convergence between—to paraphrase Douglas Adams—art, the universe, and everything.

Our authors, editors and contributors all come from very different social and political backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common: they are all human beings who tolerate and respect each other’s viewpoints, even when, more often than not, they happen to be in disagreement with each other.

Ours is a world of freedom, the freedom to think and believe what we know to be right, and without a doubt, we know this: we are all free to agree and/or disagree so long as humanity and liberty are enshrined as something to be valued and protected. All else is corruption and tyranny.

Owner/Publisher: The Lexander Company + Organization

Editor-in-Chief: Sabine Ulrike

Editor-at-Large: Easton Lexander

Research / Translations: Freyja Lexander, Aryan Susangard, Nazi Sepehr, Sun Ho, Huriyya Ajami, Farzad Sharistani, Ahmad Jalal, Anneke S

Email is absolutely the best way to contact us  [info AT lexandermag DOT com].

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